ABROSIUM is a rapidly growing national company, which deals with one of the most responsible choices in the people’s life. You will recognize our name as a confident partner in your life, with a methodology based on the knowledge of the human characters, their habits, values and interests when they enter into a relationship.

In the world spinning with the huge speed...

It’s so obvious that you possess qualities attractive for the others, but you don’t think to “settle”, and meeting a partner through your dear friends, via internet, facebook or a local restaurant is not your way at all. And honestly speaking, the person you are looking for obviously isn’t there. Hence, with the daily rush that limits our time and opportunity to meet a person with desired qualities, how could we meet our ideal partner?

AMBROSIUM is the right place to go.

You take care of the other areas in your life; we will help you succeed in the sphere of the private life!

In AMBROSIUM you won’t deal with fake profiles and photos beautified in Photoshop. Our clients are real people, that the same way as you will be screened and presented. We will present you solely to the person with the biggest potential to make the most positive and most successful relationship you ever had.

From us you will receive a strictly tailor-made search for a very affordable price. In return you will find in us a professional who will actively search for you an ideal life partner. Our focus will be directed towards screening, selecting and narrowing the circle until we find the ideal candidate for each client. Our aim is to find the ideal person for you – the love of your life.

We respect and we won’t judge your needs and interests. We don’t have any prejudices regarding the age, religion, or any other thing that our client thinks is important. Such attitude enables us to get to your hearts and with the help of our expertise to create the ideal solution.

We especially encourage all the marginalized groups to approach, those of you that society and people’s prejudices made to withdraw in their own world. It’s not a problem if you are a homosexual, disabled, or you have some handicap that burdens you. You are important, and you deserve the best, and who knows, maybe your happiness is just around the corner, and you can’t see it. We will find it for you!

Please read our Conditions and terms for cooperation and accept them before you get in touch with our Agency.

We will encourage you to get in touch right now, we expect your call.

You can contact us through:

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- E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Through our web site.

After you apply we will contact you and we can discuss about your needs and interests and about the way we can help you.