I always look amazing, but nobody seems to care

I am young, I am pretty, I’m always well-dressed,just like a catwalk model. When I go out men stare at me, but none of them will approach. What’s wrong with me, why nobody cares? 


Well, my darling sunshine. Do you think it’s easy for the men? What do you think, why do we see terrific girls going out on a date with some douchebag? It’s because the D guy doesn’t care at all, he will bare a couple of rejections, but he will catch something. Let it be a beauty with model attributes. And additionally, if you are in a company of 5-6 friends laughing all the time, every guy would need a good dosage of self-confidence in order to approach you. Try to act relaxed, look occasionally someone in his eyes (just not for too long, he might think that “your screen is blocked”), enjoy the party and all will turn well. The guy will enter in your life in no time!