Frequently asked questions

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1.            Why should I engage AMBROSIUM?

Because we make the first contact and we thoroughly screen our clients, their needs, requests and qualities. This provides a good knowledge of the personality of the client which is not available when we meet people in everyday life. Our approach is focused and our aim is to select only the best for you.

2.            I am an attractive person, I can go out and pick up whomever I want, I have thousands of sources on disposal, networks etc. Why would I need someone like AMBROSIUM?

We don’t say that our clients have problems to meet people. In our work we talk about focused selection based on science and experience, the character and the needs of an individual. When you approach us, as with any professional service you receive in return a helping hand that will save you time and health in the area you asked for help about.

3.            Would the person I am looking for ask for a service in your Agency?

We know that the people are suspicious and that the people’s awareness is the most difficult to change. Exactly that gives us a greater motivation to give a more quality service. In our office come real people with the real needs. As the time goes by the good word will reach even the most selective ones.

At the end of the day, please think about this, would you prefer to meet someone who was previously tested and checked for you or to go endlessly in new consecutive relationships?

4.            I am so busy, how could I possibly find time for you?

This is one of our main goals: in the search for the man or the woman of your life to save you time, that we know is most expensive in anyone’s life. We will make the quality selection for you and with this we will save so much time for you.

5.            Is it safe to meet someone through your Agency?

The security is of great importance when we let a new person in our lives. All our candidates are examined in detail and tested in the comfortable atmosphere of our office before they are qualified to be recommended to someone. 

6.            Who will be able to see my data?

Only the professional who will deal with the search for you. Protection of the privacy is the most important principle of our service. In that regard the data that you will give to us will be treated as strictly confidential. 

Last Updated: March, 2013