Why all the girls I meet act like sluts?

I want to have a serious relationship, but I can’t seem to find a “normal” girl.All they think about is money, they all run after the authority figures, positions, power. How can I find out which one is honest?


Go get a Geiger counter, dude! If she is after money it will be as loud as a house alarm. However, when a pure lady arrives it will sing songs. Love songs. Let’s see. Why do they behave so? Maybe they read the bookWhy men love bitches and decided to move to the practical part. Maybe they actually tried being human and some “clever guy” got them to their senses.And maybe they simply like having a nice life, as the rest of us.I wouldn’t know the exact answer. Try sending a nice official letter to the Government, I am sure they have an expert to help you with this.